Terms and Conditions

Rules for the Community

On modern-image.co.uk many people from different cultures and with different interests meet one another. For this reason we need certain rules, so that all people enjoy modern-image.co.uk and have a good experience. With your registration as a member of modern-image.co.uk you must automatically accept to agree and abide by the following rules.


The following regulations apply in each case in the public as well as in the private chat rooms, in guestbook’s, on picture comments and in modern-image.co.uk mail.

Treat others in such a way that you would like to be treated yourself!

- no swear words or offence language please - no discrimination due to sex, political or religious opinions - no violence or harassment Members who are hassling or upsetting you in any way, can be blocked by yourself. They then cannot contact you any more on our platform. The administrators (recognizable by the symbol) are there to make sure peace and order is maintained in the chat rooms. Contact them by sending an E-Mail to info@modern-image.co.uk (include a print screen and their member name) and report that this someone is disturbing you.

No spam / no advertising

The following actions are forbidden: - the senseless repeating of words, sentences or SMI-READ - Dispatch of advertisement for products, parties or other Websites - Sending the same message to several persons in the private Chat - Posting of events, links and so on, in guestbook's for advertising or as a signature. - Sending of mails with modern-image.co.uk-mail for events or other advertising.

No immoral or disputable offers as well as law-adverse expressions

The following points in our chat and our member pages are not tolerated. Please report offences here directly and do not forget to save a print screen which shows your chat or to save the entry (comment) before you delete it.

- Inquiries for photo shoots or castings. Modern-image.co.uk is not a model agency! - Immoral offers such as sex against payment - Promoting any kind of drug taking - Pornography representations - Menace or violence

No foreign language

The public chat is an area in which discussions take place, which need to be understood by all users. Therefore it is to be respected that in the public chat the chosen language has to be used in each case. If you want to communicate in a foreign language, please do this in the private Chat.

Member Page

On your member page you must only publish text and pictures if you own the copyrights. In addition you must be recognisable on the pictures. If you publish pictures of other people or you make any other misrepresentations (i.e. gender) we will block your page without further warning.


Always leave comments that you would like to have written about yourself and your pictures

Do not leave comments that… - contain negative statements about outward appearances of the photographed persons - are sexist, or which discriminate against political or religious opinions - contain racist expressions - are disputable or pornographic - are threatening towards someone

No advertisement for products, parties or other Websites

Comments, friend circle inquiries and modern-image.co.uk mails may not be abused for advertising purposes.. Offers concerning the guest list or similar things have to be inscribing by the event administration of the organizers. As comments they aren’t allowed. Announce here comments, which offend against these rules.

Rules for the upload / tagging of an own picture

Mark only your OWN pictures with your name tag.

Tagging your own picture

It is forbidden to tag stranger’s pictures with your name tag. Your name maybe set exclusively only on pictures, in which you can be clearly recognized. If you want to mark a picture, in order to regain it later, add it to your "favourite pictures".

Upload of your own pictures

In principle you may place online, on your member page pictures, in which you are to be seen and those that you have the copyright to use. The following pictures are not permitted on tilllate.com: - Obscene pictures (genital organs and all kinds of pornographic material) - Illegal illustrations (violence and drug taking/ promotion) - Representations of political extreme groupings (example: Swastika)

Blockage / exclusion due to offence 

modern-image.co.uk reserves the right to ban members at any time who offend against these rules, without preliminary warning.. The Internet is not a right-free zone. With modern-image.co.uk at each login your member name and your IP address are stored. This data can be used in a criminal investigation. With rough or repeated offences you will be excluded from our service and modern-image.co.uk reserves the right to take legal action against you.